What Does a Felony Charge Mean?

An arrested person, depending on the severity of the crime they’re accused of committing, will be charged with a misdemeanor or a felony. Felony charges are far more serious than misdemeanors, and there are distinct differences between how they’re handled in the courts. Anyone arrested and charged with a felony will want to speak with a lawyer quickly to start getting help for their case.

Higher Bail Required to Secure Release

Felony cases typically require a higher bail amount to be paid. Paying the bail in full allows the person to secure their release from jail until all of their hearings are completed. Someone who is accused of a more serious felony case or who may be a flight risk because of the charge they’re facing may not be able to get bail. In these cases, they’ll need to remain in jail until their hearings are completed.

More Severe Punishment Compared to Misdemeanor

Misdemeanor crimes are usually punishable by up to a year in jail. Felony charges, on the other hand, are any charges where the person is facing a year or longer in prison. Because felony charges are more serious than misdemeanor charges, the potential sentence is a lot higher. With misdemeanors, it’s possible the person to be required to do community service or pay fines in lieu of being sent to jail, but with felony charges, this often isn’t possible.

The Possibility of Additional Penalties

When someone is convicted of a felony, they lose some of their basic rights, such as the right to own firearms or to vote. They also may have further restrictions placed on them after they’re released from jail, such as not being around someone else who is a known felon. They may also find it’s more difficult to get a job after a felony conviction or find somewhere to live because of their criminal history.

If you’ve been arrested and charged with a felony, you need to make sure you get help fast. A lawyer can review your case and work on a defense for you to help minimize the penalties you might be facing. Check out http://tulsa-criminallawyers.com/tulsa-criminal-defense/felony-crimes-tulsa-felony-lawyers to learn more about how a lawyer can help you.