Reviewing Driving Policy For Company Cars And Reasons For Accidents

In Louisiana, company owners must follow state and federal laws when operating commercial vehicles of any kind. Before the owners allow an employee to drive their vehicles, a company policy is established. A local attorney can explain the importance of a driving policy for company cars and how it affects the company, the victim, and the driver.

Controlled Substances and Alcohol

All company policies related to using commercial vehicles specify that the driver must never consume alcohol or use controlled substances while driving. The violation of the company policies is also a criminal offense in the state. Under circumstances where the driver is guilty of a DUI, the company could avoid liabilities due to the driver’s choice to drive while impaired. The violation of the company policy could also deem the driver liable for property damage and personal injuries.

Clauses in Insurance Policies

The company that allowed the driver to operate their business vehicle is responsible for paying for insurance coverage for the vehicle. However, the vehicle and the driver are covered only when the vehicle is used for business purposes. If the driver is conducting personal business, the company’s insurance policy won’t cover the results of an auto accident.

Traffic Violations and Company Automobiles

According to all company policies, the driver must follow all traffic laws at any time that they are operating the vehicle. If a traffic violation was the cause of the accident, the driver could face penalties for the violation of the company policy. Speeding, reckless driving, and other traffic violations contribute to hundreds of auto accidents throughout the country.

Managing Cargo During Deliveries

The company policy may have terms associated with cargo that is inside the vehicle during deliveries. Typically, if an auto accident occurs, select insurance policies cover the damaged cargo. However, if the commercial driver’s actions caused the damage, it is possible that they are held accountable by their employer.

In Louisiana, company policies that apply to commercial vehicles are in place to reduce the risk of an auto accident. Unfortunately, the commercial drivers don’t follow the policies always, and victims suffer due to their unethical actions. Victims of an auto accident involving a commercial driver are encouraged to contact an attorney right now.